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Health Test Express is one of the only sites that provides testing recommendations that are tailored to you, and backed by doctors. You'll get all the tests you need and none you don't.

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When your results are ready, you'll be notified to check your account. Simple as that.

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Skip the lab visit. Collect your sample in the privacy of your own home, then return to our CLIA certified lab partners for testing.


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Results are delivered electronically within days, along with helpful information related to your test.

We keep it confidential - your health is your business.

CLIA-Certified Labs

Our CLIA-certified laboratory partners allow you to bring lab testing directly to your door through easy-to-use test kits for collecting dried blood spot, urine, saliva, swab and stool samples in the comfort of your home.

HIPAA Compliant

Health Test Express and its partners maintain all information received from our users in a manner compliant with all relevant privacy and data protection laws and industry standards, including HIPAA and PCI Compliance Standards. Review our full Notice of Privacy Practices here.


With Health Test Express, we’ll never send to your insurance provider unless you elect that as your payment method. Furthermore, we keep your medical records with our telemedicine physicians and do not share unless required to do so by law or requested for release by you

What our patients say.

Vitamin D Test Kit

March 23, 2018

"I was impressed by the thorough instructions & ease of testing. I received the results within the promised timeframe, and I am happy to recommend this test to friends and family!"

STD Test Kit

January 15, 2018

"Test came with clear instructions and packaging. Results easy to understand. Overall a much easier experience than a doctor/clinic visit and nice to have my health info up to date. Thank you!"

Metabolic Health Test Kit

March 5, 2018

"The process was easy and fast, and I thought the results were understandable and actionable – and my doctor did as well when I showed them to her. I’m planning on taking the test again in a few months to see if I’ve made positive progress."

Multiple Sclerosis Test

March 5, 2018

"Highly suggest this test to either rule in or rule out MS. Test allows you to be proactive about your health and stop the madness of being shuttled from one doctor to another with no collective look of all patient issues over lengthy time period. Oncology doctors say “the blood never lies” so cancer patients can receive optimum care. This revolutionary test is the first of its kind for one to be able to be proactive and rule in or rule out MS early in the journey…which in turn will help you know where to go from here."

Testosterone Test

March 16, 2018

"On a whim due to tiredness that no other cause could be found for, and my dr refusing to order the test, I ordered a Testosterone Kit through here. The results were extremely low and with the lab report - my doctor was willing to treat! Quick, convenient, private, and easy to interpret results. thank you!"

Trichomoniasis Test Kit

March 8, 2018

"Very easy and fast. Without embarrassment. Very helpful. Would use again."

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